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AGTP Association of Global Tennis Professional is a non-profit, international sport association with a mission to lead the growth of tennis worldwide 

We value teamwork, passion, integrity, innovation and excellence. AGTP Tennis operates Many Grand Events and Tournaments like AGTP Open presented by UPT Tour events and financially supports Level 5 & Level 6 professional tournaments worldwide.

We value teamwork, passion, integrity, innovation, excellence and accountability.

AGTP Association of Global Tennis Professional is registered association which is known as AGTP Tennis with an aim to provide every player to get global ranking. It is an online platform where players can check tournaments worldwide and the clubs/organizers can create tournaments anywhere. AGTP is providing a platform to clubs/schools/coaches & organizers to organize local tennis events through AGTP and count it globally and internationally.

It is the unique system by which players get Global ranking in which players National Ranking, ITF Ranking and National Ranking along with AGTP Ranking is counted.

AGTP is affiliated to the

1. AATC(Australasian Academy of TENNIS Coaches) situated in Melbourne which delivers tennis coaches courses in Australia and Asian Countries. 


2. UPT, a professional international association,
situated in Spain/Europe. Through its core partners UPT (Union of Professional Tennis), the AGTP presents an extensive network of world-class coaches, academies, tournament directors, educators and managers so that creative, strategic relationships and the best possible structures can be offered to the clients and stakeholders.

The AGTP Tennis affiliate partner UPT (Union of Professional Tennis) which deliver  Tennis courses, Organize Tennis Tournaments by AGTP, Tennis Camps for successful development of Tennis Players,Coaches,Clubs and Organizers. Consequently, AGTP promotes coaches quality training program through UPT as well as membership and high-level quality professional accreditation opportunities through AGTP.
More info: https://tennisuptinternational.com/

The overall aim of AGTP and its affiliate partners is to promote tennis and giving oppurtunity to players and coaches/clubs etc to use the platform and evaluate in tennis programs where the clients can continue, develop themselves and make the most of their possibilities. Furthermore, AGTP and its partners introduce a new and innovative combined Global Ranking for national and international tournaments.

AGTP, the only combined Global ranking, recognizes all other systems and combines them in to one platform. This allows the possibility to play
tournaments over national borders and still gain points at home or at the ATP/ITF/WTA level. AGTP does not compete with other systems. AGTP brings athletes, event managers, and coaches together. It is the overall aim of AGTP to introduce a ranking to students that are beginning to play the game at an international level.

AGTP Tennis is also preferred partner of Sports Authority Of United States since 1970 (USA) 

For more information on  AGTP Tennis  please Email us on info@agtptennis.com

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