Free Online Course

Hello Players and Coaches .AGTP Tennis is giving oppurtunity to all the coaches to enroll in AGTP Online Coaches course . Be the certified Tennis Coach by Association Of Global Tennis Professionals recognized by SPORTS AUTHORITY OF UNITED STATES since 1970 .

To enroll in our Course Email us at info 

Topics Covered in our course are 

  1. What is tennis? Origin & history of tennis
  2. Dimesions of Tennis Court & its size
  3. General warm up, stretching and rotation. 
  4. How to tell student to hold a racket. 
  5. Racket & Ball Size .Recommended racket
  6. How do I choose a tennis racket?
  7. Types of grips.
  8. Mini tennis. Recommended Balls according to age of player
  9.  Introduction to Stroke Fundamentals
  10. Forehand
  11. Backhand
  12. Volley
  13. Slice 
  14. Service. 
  15. Service return
  16. Common errors which players make and how to detect these errors and ways to rectify these
  17. Types of feeding and their progression. 
  18. How, where and when to use targets. 
  19. Various types of Drills for different strokes. 
  20. Role of coach
  21. Communication
  22. Care & safety
  23. Cooling down
  24. Recommended Players Training chart
  25. How to make fixture
  26. How to organize a tournament.
  27. Players improvement factors
  28. Fun Games


Periodization & Fitness:

  1. What is fitness, Types of fitness. 
  2. Fitness Drills with and without equipments.
  3. Which exercise & drill coaches should give to players, when to give and what is the purpose.
  4. Talent identification
  5. Work Load.
  6. Diet and Nutrition

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